Innovations... Start Within You...


We are there to help you in every legitimate and honest way possible to identify your innovative ideas and help you in patenting, design developments, product development  and marketing it that could benefit you. 

Our commitment to you:  In this whole process,  your ideas and your product is fully protected, i.e it will not be disclosed to any third party without your prior agreement. 

We provide consultation and assistance in the following areas:

-  Consultation to evaluate technical or scientific feasibility of an innovative ideas

-  Assistance with development of innovative ideas into technically or scientifically defined terms suitable for design and potential patent 
-  Conducting data and market research for patentable ideas 

-  Coordination of the design and product develop aspects of innovative concepts 

-  Assistance with patent search and market research for innovative ideas

-  Assistance with funding and investments for inventions

-  Assistance with patenting of the innovative ideas

-  Assess and possibly acquire your innovative ideas (by compensating you,  only after execution of a contract with agreed upon terms and condition)